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food industry

disposable gloves
HoReCa industry

masks, caps and gloves
beauty industry

work gloves
automotive industry

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medical industry

comprehensive disposable clothing,
proprietary dosing systems,
cutting tools, professional audit

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Get to know our proprietary offer of personal protective equipment, dosing system, cutting tools, etc.

Global Food Hygiene

Global Food Hygiene is a producer, importer and distributor of disposable protective clothing, health and safety products for the food sector, dosing systems and cutting tools

We also provide a professional audit service,
and by employing high-class specialists and thoughtful strategic actions, we carry out every day the mission of providing quality and innovative solutions in the food industry.

The use of the word GLOBAL in the brand name is not accidental and also defines the area of ​​implementation of the MISSION company. Through our experience, we are able to implement occupational hygiene standards and indicate the needs of enterprises, as well as open up to new industries.

constant brand development


Establishment of the Global Food Hygiene brand.


Development of a recipe for foil.


development of the machine park
- purchase of extruders.


increase in market value
Global Food Hygiene by 300%.


business diversification.

rozwój dostaw kontenerowych
- 300 kontenerów rocznie.


extension of the office building.

company pillars

We have been producing foil according to the original Global Food Hygiene recipe since 2016.






Thanks to investments, we introduce innovative products to the market, which are a response to the constantly growing requirements of the industries. We want the offer to prevail in biodegradable and recyclable products.

We propose solutions that, in addition to influencing the processes implemented in enterprises, have an added value. The K-type bags introduced to the offer can save 12% of foil consumption.
In addition to using less plastic, we optimize the company's costs related to, for example, waste disposal. The combination of such dependencies is, in our opinion, the future and a guarantee of success.

we offer products

Dedicated disposable clothing
for the food industry, as well as accessories
butchers and dosing systems.

what's new

in Global Food Hygiene

quality builds

The brand's success is influenced by many factors, excluding human resources, it is undoubtedly the quality of machines, analysis of our processes and cooperation with suppliers from around the world.

brands which
they trusted us

We value the possibility of observation, which is why we participate in trade fairs and visit factories all over the world.

We choose our suppliers thoroughly and consciously, nothing happens by chance in our company. We know that only quality gives you constant trust


Global Business Fussion Group is an umbrella brand
associating all companies of the capital group ..

Business diversification is one of the most
effective ways to be sustainable
brand development. All brands of Global Business Fusion Group
distinguished by quality and innovation