The owner of GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE decided to...
business diversification by establishing a company
is responsible for the full production of foil and foil products
in accordance with the know-how of GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE.

GLOBAL BUSINESS FUSION GROUP is a Polish manufacturing company located in
in central Poland. The company has a rich machinery park that makes it possible
production of foil on our own extruders, from which they are made
innovative foil products.

In December 2023, the current machine park was expanded with a modern,
a fully automated line for the production of foil aprons in rolls.
It was created as a result of joint work of the manufacturer and specialists
Global Business Fusion Group. Thanks to this investment, efficiency
increased 3 times.

We have our own lines for the production of plastic bags.
In addition to top products, we also produce spacers,
pallet hoods and many other products.

To meet the high requirements of customers, GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE adapts PRODUCTS to the individual needs of recipients.
Thanks to close cooperation with GLOBAL BUSINESS FUSION GROUP, we implement projects in which foil products are individually adapted in terms of color, weight and size.


Thanks to the latest technology, GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE offers foil aprons in rolls, K-R80 sealed foil bags, dividers, hoods and other foil products.
Detailed information about the indicated products can be found here:

quality control

Business diversification and having full control over the production of foil and foil products enable GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE AND GLOBAL BUSINESS FUSION GROUP to develop their business and deliver high-quality products in line with individual customer requirements.
As a result, the company can focus on improving hygiene and safety standards in the food industry.


GLOBAL BUSINESS FUSION GROUP – polska firma produkcyjna,  specjalizująca się w wytwarzaniu najwyższej jakości folii i artykułów foliowych do branży spożywczej. Dołącz do grona naszych zadowolonych klientów, którzy już korzystają z naszych wysokiej jakości folii i artykułów foliowych. Wybierz polskiego producenta, wybierz GLOBAL BUSINESS FUSION GROUP i ciesz się niezawodnością, innowacyjnością i doskonałą jakością naszych produktów.


GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE – manufacturer of rolled foil aprons.


Already in 2017, the first apron, created using the original GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE die, came off our production line. Since then, our products have stood out from the standard competition offers.


We started the production of aprons by purchasing one machine with impressive efficiency. We gradually expanded our machinery, and today we produce the apron from scratch, starting from the production of foil according to our own recipe, ending with cutting the apron and rolling it into a roll. We have a modern machine for the production of aprons, which is a prototype on the Polish and European market. Thanks to this modern technology, we produce 2.5 ml of aprons/month, and next year it will be 4.5 ml, which will be possible thanks to further investments in machinery.


Our many years of experience and thousands of conversations with customers from the food industry allowed us to prepare an original recipe for foil, which constitutes the company’s know-how, and to construct an original foil apron die, characterized by better protection and adjustment to the employee, and lower production costs.


Advantages of the GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE foil apron:


  • shallow neckline,
  • wider and longer straps,
  • wide shoulders,
  • no thimble
  • large selection of weights and sizes,
  • wide range of colors,
  • approved for contact with food


Our offer includes the TOP 10 aprons that we have in constant production, however, we are open to individual supplies for our customers.



  • thickness: 20,25,35,40,50µm,
  • dimensions: 75x125cm, 75x150cm, 90x130cm, 90x150cm, 75x110cm, 110x150cm
  • colors: blue, white, yellow, orange, red, green.


Our aprons do not have a thimble. The choice of this type of roll, without a core, is dictated by the customer’s economic factors


Minimizes waste:

A roll without a core causes less waste generated by the plant, which is consistent with the principles of sustainable development and ecology. This is important, especially in the context of growing ecological awareness and concern for the environment.


Reduces the risk of contamination

The exclusion of a thimble in the production of an apron minimizes the source of potential contamination of the finished product.


Fast Consumption and Perfect Quantity Control:

Foil aprons without a core are easy to remove thanks to the use of GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE’s proprietary dosing systems. This method of packaging and dispensing speeds up the process and at the same time allows for precise control over quantities, which is crucial in large production plants.



The production of foil aprons without a thimble can be more cost-effective, which may translate into a more competitive price because you are paying for the aprons, not the thimble. The pallet of foil aprons in a roll contains approximately 15% more product, excluding the use of a thimble.


To sum up, the production of a foil apron without a thimble is an innovative solution that combines efficiency, ecology and ease of use, making it an attractive choice for various industries, especially where hygiene and efficiency are important.


Our foil aprons are mainly used by the food industry, which is why the rolls are foiled after production, protecting the product against dirt.


The next step is packing in ergonomic boxes weighing up to 10 kg, in accordance with occupational health and safety rules.




Based on observations during the implementation of the Global Solution GLOSO Service among our clients, we have often noticed blockages occurring during the collection of clothes, which resulted in a delay in the start of the production process.


Our recommendation in such situations is to use UNIVERSAL DISPENSERS, which are the best choice not only in terms of hygiene, but also economically.

Our offer includes stainless steel dispensers:


dispenser for 1 roll
universal dispenser for 2 rolls


Our second top product is the innovative LDPE foil bag with a K-R80 seal, which is the result of our intensive work started in 2020. As a company, we have increased our production potential by introducing the first device for the production of this unique type of bags at the beginning of 2021.


Our bags are characterized by a comprehensive production process, covering every stage from foil production to cutting and packaging. The key element of the bag is the K-shaped seal (K-R80), which allows easy adaptation to containers of various shapes, such as r2, e3 and cartons.


This special type of weld eliminates the risk of unnecessary elements retaining in the pockets by precisely cutting off unnecessary fragments.


Our K-R80 plastic bags meet the high standards of the meat, fish and fruit and vegetable industries. Their unique features make them ideal for freezing, packaging and transport, ensuring the protection and shelf life of food products


We are proud of the quality of our bags, which are the result of the care and commitment of our team in the production process.

Currently, our machines are capable of producing… thousands of bags, however, we are soon planning an investment that will enable us to significantly increase efficiency to meet the growing demand of our customers.



– envelope seal.

– the highest quality LDPE foil produced by GLOBLA FOOD HYGIENE

– foil thickness from 8 to 100 µm.

– width 60cm

– blue color

– approved for contact with food

MENTION for the K-R80 sealed bag

Thanks to our bags, we provide innovative solutions for various sectors of the food industry, ensuring the effectiveness, durability and safety of products.


The K-r80 bag was appreciated and awarded a Gold Medal at the prestigious Poznań International Fair in 2023!


This is a great distinction for us and confirmation of the high quality and innovation of our product.

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