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LIGHT POLYETHYLENE apron manufacturing by GFH – type I

Our innovative LIGFT polyethylene apron from GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE proves that you don't have to choose between quality and savings. Despite its delicacy, this roll-packed polyethylene apron is as durable as thicker variants, making it an invaluable ally in combating the challenges posed by inflation. Its application is a thoughtful strategy for reducing operational costs of the facility, offering expenditure optimization without compromising on protection and hygiene. By choosing our product, you gain an efficient solution that meets the needs of modern production as well as a tool for effectively combating rising costs, helping to maintain the financial stability of the company in difficult times.

Key features:

Polyethylene apron in roll by Global Food Hygiene,
Front polyethylene apron,
Antistatic with food contact approval,
Neckwear with tie on the back.
With extensive experience in the food industry, we offer an original apron design. Its main advantages are:

Longer (50 cm) and wider (9 cm) ties,
Small neckline, wide shoulders.
The waterproof apron is packed in a roll. Rolls are film-wrapped to protect the product from contamination. Each carton weighs up to 10 kg, adhering to ergonomics and health and safety regulations. Apron dispensing is made even more convenient with our proprietary dispensing systems. For more details, visit Global Food Hygiene.

  • Article:

  • Thickness:

    Typ I
  • Width:

    75 cm lub 90 cm
  • Length:

    125 cm, 130cm, 150 cm





  • Package:

    190 pieces
  • Box:

    4 rolls - 760 pieces
  • Pack:

    4 rolls

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