The food industry is extremely demanding, burdened with numerous standards and restrictions to be met. During the processes carried out, production workers must be adequately protected with personal protective equipment. The selection of products and the method of dosing, adapted to a given process, ensure the safety of finished products, but also affect the optimization of costs and the effectiveness of the company as a whole.



The medical industry is related to the provision of health services in hospitals, clinics, centers, hospices, clinics, offices, outpatient clinics and pharmacies. The range of these activities is extremely wide, and workers are exposed to serious health risks, so it is very important to use appropriate protective clothing. Appropriate selection of products protects against biological, mechanical and chemical factors.



Based on many years of experience in providing comprehensive protective disposable clothing, we are able to adjust solutions also for other industries that must protect themselves with this type of products while providing their services. Our specialists, observing the market, filter the needs and development of a given industry. Undoubtedly, the beauty industry has grown over the last few years, and the scope of offered services is still increasing. The selection of quality products ensures safety and effective implementation of services, which is one of the key goals of each industry.



The detail of the processes carried out in the automotive industry requires selection of high-quality personal protective equipment. The processes often include comprehensive cleaning, restoration, maintenance and repair, and this requires the selection of products with high durability and dexterity. An extremely important aspect is to ensure protection and the possibility of carrying out work with the use of chemical and oil products.