Article: SLEEVE – PE-HS

Material: polyethylene (PE)

Grammage: 25 um

Lenhgt: 40 cm

Wight: 20 cm


Standards met:

Disposable, protective, foil (PE) sleeves, made by hand from thick foil. On each side finished with an elastic band for better stabilization of the sleeve on the forearm. The product is characterized by a reinforced tear-resistant foil, it is waterproof, therefore it is a great extension for nitrile or other rubber gloves. Its functions also include protection of proper clothing against soaking and dirt, and insulation from products. Proven in the food industry, especially in the meat, fish and fruit and vegetable sectors. It fits both the right and left hand.

Wymiary: 40x20cm. Gramatura: 25 µ

Paking available:

Package: 100 pcs

Box: 20 packages

Palette: 60 packages

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