Material: polipropylen (PP), polietylen (PE), PE+PP

Tie: straps

Accessories:welt in the sleeve, length adjustment

Grammage: 25g/m2

Size: L, XXL

The cosmonaut smock consists of several parts: the upper made of polypropylene (PP) has a protective function, and thanks to its fibrous structure it allows air to flow and absorbs sweat. The next element is the front of the smock and the sleeves, which combine two materials, which are polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), creating a waterproof layer. This solution is used in the construction of the smock in the elements most exposed to moisture and dirt. The permanent connection of the sleeve with the top of the smock prevents it from slipping. The bottom of the apron is made of polyethylene (PE) with perforation that allows you to adjust its length to the user’s height. The multi-tasking nature of the kosmo smock makes it used in the food industry, especially in the areas of breading various types of meat, final packaging as well as for grilled and ready meals.

Available packages:

Package: 10 pcs

Box: 14 package

Palette: 392 packages

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