Article: PPLAB-V/50

Material: polypropylene (PP)

Fastening: velcro sewn

Accessories: welt in the sleeve, length adjustment

Grammage: 25g/m2-30g/m2

Size: XS-XXL


Spełnione normy:

Long-sleeved disposable apron made of PP fiber. The whole is fastened with Velcro stitched, without pockets, finished with a collar under the neck. Sleeves finished with a welt for better tightness. Apron recommended for the food processing industry.

Available packages:

Package: 1 pcs.or 10 pcs

Box: 50 pcs

Palette: 400 pcs

Packages: 10 pcs.

Box: 10 packages

Palette: 480 packages

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