Foam boots and boots, with toe caps.

Products in this category include articles dedicated to leg protection – shoes and galoshes with toe caps, foam galoshes.

safety boots
EVA boots
EVA shoes

Shoes safe

We offer shoes: high (16 cm) white and black, tied and slip on, and low (10 cm), slip in white. The uppers of the shoes are made of synthetic leather. The sole consists of PU material – 94% density for the outer layer and 70% for the inner layer. The sole also has CE SRC (non-slip) approvals. The footwear insole is made of 5mm thick EVA (mesh) with an ergonomic shape. There is 2mm of fabric between the sole and the insole. Available with composite / steel toecap or without toecap.

Rubber galoshes

Galoshes made of PVC with nitrile or polyurethane with a blue sole. They are adapted to both high and low temperatures of use. Galoshes of this type are ideal for use in the food industry due to their resistance to vegetable and animal fats, mineral oils, moderately concentrated acids and bases, and ethyl alcohols. Each rubber boot is waterproof and waterproof. We also offer rubber boots with a toe cap that will fully protect the foot against possible mechanical threats.

EVA foam footwear and boots

Footwear is made of EVA – foam plastic. This material has great cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation, protection against moisture, but most of all it does not pollute the environment and does not have absorbent properties. We offer women’s and men’s foam rubber boots with or without an undersuit. We also offer slippers with doctor openings and slip-on slippers with a built-in heel. The products contain increased height at the wrist. Thanks to the special construction of the protector, the feet have increased anti-slip properties. They have an IPS test for chemical agents found in the food industry.

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