A wide choice of partition tools.


Metal aprons

Metal aprons effectively protect butcher or slaughterhouse workers from sharp tools that they have to use in their work. Bet on the highest quality and the maximum level of security.

Cut resistant gloves

Cut resistant glove. Resistant to abrasion (max. 4), cut (max. 5) and tearing (max. 4). 6cm long cuff. Recommended for the meat industry where dexterity is required.

Metal gloves

Metal gloves are certified and standards in accordance with EU regulations. Made of stainless steel, equipped with simple fasteners with a clasp and automatic release in the event of an emergency.


A product that includes a flexible polyurethane film. Spider veins perfectly fit metal gloves to the hand. Standard and detectable version available.


The knife sharpeners have an ergonomic shape, which promotes fast and safe work, and at the same time reduces the risk of injury. The sharpener is easy to use and maintain. It is perfect for the food industry, especially the meat industry.


The new line of Global Food Hygiene knives. They are made of the highest quality Sandvik steel produced by a Swedish steelworks. Knives available in a wide range of colors.
Many years of experience in the food industry allowed us to develop an original design of the handle. Thanks to this, the knife is more ergonomic and non-slip, which reduces the risk of the knife slipping out of the hand. The handle ensures correct and comfortable positioning in the hand of each user

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