Do you sell Personal Protective Equipment to the food, cosmetics, or medical industry?
Do you distribute brands that everyone has and compete on price?
Do you want to stand out from the competition?
Create your own brand and launch products with your logo?

Discover comprehensive consulting and support from GLOBAL FOOD HYGIENE,
a company with years of experience in importing PPE.

Together, we will transform your ideas into top-quality products.

Launch Your Own Branded Products with Global Food Hygiene

Our Comprehensive Process

Why Should You Choose Us for Cooperation?

Trust our experience in the PPE industry, extensive contacts, and strong supply chain.

We stand out from other traders – caring for the client at every stage, being a stable partner from the EU.

We ensure quality while also saving the client's costs by placing orders in our own or trusted factories.

By choosing us, you choose reliability and professionalism!


Your Vision

- If you have an idea for introducing a new product in the PPE category, reach out to us – we will assist you with its execution.
- We provide detailed consulting and support, ensuring you understand every required document and preparation for smooth processing.


Long-term Cooperation

- We will design or manufacture according to your technical specifications.
- Colors, sizes, packaging, standards, and certifications – all according to your specifications.
- Leveraging our knowledge and experience, we find the perfect factory for your needs.
- We handle pricing and supervise the entire production process to ensure compliance with accepted standards.


Test your product.

- You receive a sample based on which you can evaluate whether all the established conditions are met.


Time to start

- Once you approve the prototype, the product goes into production and will soon be on your shelves.
- During the production process, we supervise each stage until the final loading.


Logistics and Delivery Options

- Various Delivery Terms: FOB, CIF, DAP etc.


Product introduced for sale.

- The most important thing is a customer who is satisfied with the product and the cooperation.

Your product
is in good hands

With us, you can be sure that every step is monitored. We guarantee compliance with accep-ted quality standards, safe transport, and supervision over the entire supply chain. This ma-kes the processes not only efficient but most importantly safe.

No matter which option you choose, Global Food Hygiene ensures that the product reaches you quickly and safely. Contact us today to start cooperating on your terms in the field of Personal Protective Equipment or medical-related products.

Production Capabilities of Global Food Hygiene
Global Food Hygiene is not only an importer but also a renowned manufacturer of foil and foil products. Our advanced production facilities enable us to fulfill various orders tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

If your product is made of Polyethylene, we are more than happy to produce it under your brand. Our experienced team will take care of every stage of production – from design, through manufacturing, to the final delivery of the finished product. Trust our expertise and experience to make your product stand out in the market.

We invite you to collaborate with us and take advantage of our production capabilities!

We invite you to contact us