Nitrile, latex, knitted and rubber gloves

Products in this category include articles dedicated to hand protection – so you will find disposable gloves, knitted and work gloves as well as plastic sleeves.



Protective PE foil oversleeves, polypropylene (PP) oversleeves or made in combination of these two materials (CPE), or reusable polyuretane (PU) oversleeves. Finished with rubber band on both sides. An oversleeve is an excellent extension of gloves, it protects the proper clothes against soaking/soiling.

Disposable gloves

Protective gloves, powder-free, ambidextrous. They are characterized by high resistance to stretching and tearing, and this is due to the excellent quality of the material from which they were made. The products in this offer are primarily used as disposable gloves – that’s why we made sure that they can be easily put on and taken off. Thanks to the textured finish on the fingers, they guarantee a high comfort of work. Nitrile gloves are best suited for work in the food industry – it is worth emphasizing here that the disposable rubber gloves are completely free of latex.

Knitted protective gloves

Knitted gloves, protective, do not static, do not shrink after washing, allow the skin to breathe and are comfortable to wear. They are perfect as an insert for other gloves. The combination of polyester and cotton makes the knitted gloves stretchy, as well as airy and more durable. The whole is finished with a welt. Their aesthetic appearance is a big advantage. Knitted gloves work well in many industries, but they are most often used in the food industry.

Cotton gloves

Protective gloves made of cotton allow the skin to breathe. They are non-static and comfortable to wear. They fit perfectly to the hand, provide a feeling of the object being held. Intended for work where dexterity is required. They are perfect as an insert for other gloves. Recommended in the food industry. In the whitened version, they do not irritate the skin.

Coated gloves

The gloves are characterized by increased resistance to abrasion. They fit perfectly to the hand and provide a feeling of the object being held. The nitrile / latex coating increases resistance to various organic and chemical factors, therefore latex gloves in this form are reusable. The whole thing is finished with a welt so that the glove fits well on your hand.

Dotted gloves

Gloves with a dot on the palm of the hand provide good grip when carrying goods. They allow the skin to breathe, do not pick up static and do not shrink. The whole is finished with a welt.

Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves protect your hands from a wet environment. In everyday use, they protect against chemicals such as: animal fats, vegetable oils, gasoline, alcohol, organic acids.

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