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Our strength

Global Food Hygiene consist of 50 qualified employees with various specializations. Thanks to regular audits, our team of specialists is able to efficiently assess customer needs and increase the efficiency of processes. The name of the company obliges us, therefore global thinking and action guides our work and gives excellent results.



Our goal is to constantly improve the quality and market value of Global Food Hygiene. Constantly increasing the level of production, we invest in the construction of new warehouses and machines. In November 2020, we completed the construction of a 1000 m² high storage hall with 3 loading docks, which gave us approximately 1,850 additional pallet places.

The coming years are the time of building a new, modern company headquarters, as well as a production hall. Work is also underway to implement the WMS software, which will enable even better management of the warehouse infrastructure and shorten the time of order fulfillment, allowing for a significant increase in the daily number of parcels and pallets sent.


Increasing the company’s value also means opening to the foreign market, which gives us the opportunity to better cooperate with suppliers, learn about trends and production processes. Active participation in trade fairs is an opportunity for us to constantly increase the quality of our OHS products, as well as to demonstrate the strength of our company and convince about the quality of our offer.



In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we constantly improve the production process. In addition to the constant analysis of solutions, we observe the market and opportunities. These observations contributed to the commencement of the independent production of foil aprons in a roll according to our own recipe and design. The composition of the film is the result of a meticulous selection of ingredients in such a way as to meet the expectations of the most demanding quality departments in food industry plants. This recipe is unique, used only by Global Food Hygiene, and the exact composition is the company’s trade secret. We are committed to meeting the needs of customers in terms of the quantity, size, thickness and color of the films of individual polyethylene products. Recently, we have introduced new products into production, such as GFH polyethylene capes and bags.


The implementation of new solutions, investment in the development of our specialists, as well as effective management contribute to the constant development of our company.

Successive distinctions and awards confirm that the direction of our activities is effective. We treat each new task as a challenge and this commitment distinguishes us from other companies.

We are already in the group of the elite club “Gazela Biznesu” as a dynamically developing company in the sector of small and medium enterprises. In the jubilee edition, by the decision of the Program Chapter, we were awarded with the title of the Symbol of Innovation 2020. We cannot fail to mention the previous awards, such as the Gold Medal at the Polagra Tech 2017 International Fair. We also successfully passed the audit granting the Quality Management System Certificate according to PN EN ISO 9001 standards: 2009 and PN EN ISO 14001: 2005

We are sure that we will have more awards for which our entire team works every day.

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Each product has its own product card and technical card with detailed information on dimensions and composition. Our strategy and know-how are related to the constant control of raw materials, materials and standards. We approach the control by the quality department very thoroughly, because the food market is very demanding – the requirements related to the number of standards and certificates are constantly growing.

Fulfilling orders in our company also means the integration of many processes and close cooperation between departments, on which we place great emphasis.