Disposable caps, balaclavas, masks

This category includes items for head and face protection – balaclavas, disposable caps (including a harmonica cap), masks.



Balaclava, harmonica cap or beret perfectly protect against the ingress of, for example, a foreign body into the prepared products. It is worth taking care of your own safety and that of others – that’s why disposable two or three-layer masks will be the best solution.

2/3 layer mask

A disposable protective mask made of high-quality non-woven fabric (PP), non-dusting and hypoallergenic. The mask is durable, does not delaminate or tear during normal use, and polypropylene allows for free ventilation, air filtration, while preventing seepage. It is put on two elastic bands on the sides.

Disposable caps

Caps and berets are made of thin and breathable non-woven fabric (PP), tightened with a thin elastic band. Therefore, until they are unfolded, the disposable caps remain in the form of a strip, which means that they do not take up much space during storage. In addition, the use of astringents guarantees complete hair isolation. Both products protect against the ingress of a foreign body into the prepared products, allowing for complete sterility during work. That is why the harmonica cap and various types of berets are perfect for the food industry.


High-quality caps, available in both natural and artificial fabrics. Each cap has several sizes and a wide range of colors that can be easily adapted to the company’s colors.

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