Disposable coveralls and aprons

Articles intended to protect the entire body. Disposable aprons and coveralls – fleece and foil, aprons for guests.

polypropylen cloathing

cosmonaut smock
– polagra tech 2017 gold medal

Non-woven aprons and coveralls

Disposable clothes are made of polypropylene (PP). It is finished with welts in the sleeves, legs and often also in the hood. Disposable coverall and a polypropylene apron protect against the ingress of unwanted elements into food. Both the overalls and the non-woven apron are used in the food industry. They guarantee sterility during work..

Coats and foil aprons

Clothing made of anti-electrostatic foil is intended for working with food. The disposable apron comes in a variety of forms, including garment tied around the neck and back. There is also a foil apron in a roll, chosen by large food plants, where their use is essential. An apron for production visitors is also offered in this form. A foil apron in a roll is, above all, high quality at a low price.

Reusable clothing

Aprons and other reusable items of clothing are made of waterproof fabrics. This allows them to be used when cleaning industrial plants. Overalls and jackets have sleeves finished with welts, which guarantees complete tightness. Thanks to the use of solid materials, they are resistant to tearing and all kinds of fats and chemicals.

Shoe cover

Disposable shoe cover made of PP, PE or a combination of CPE. These products are characterized by increased durability and anti-electrostatic properties. They protect against the introduction of contaminants carried on footwear to rooms that require full cleanliness. The top of the fender ends with an elastic band that hugs the foot tightly.

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