Catering equipment – do not forget about the appropriate health and safety articles

Catering equipment - do not forget about the appropriate health and safety articles

What equipment to equip mass catering facilities, incl. restaurants, bars, cafes, canteens or catering companies? What standards should gastronomy equipment meet in order to comply with occupational health and safety regulations? Which manufacturers in this industry deserve attention? Find the answers in this article.

Catering equipment – do not forget about the appropriate health and safety articles

Basic gastronomy equipment

The purchase of the necessary equipment for gastronomy should depend on the nature of the premises and the scope of its activities. However, there is a universal list of categories according to which it is worth completing professional gastronomic equipment:

  • mechanical processing devices (e.g. stuffers, slicers, meat grinders),
  • thermal processing devices (e.g. cookers, fryers, stoves, grills, toasters),
  • cooling devices (e.g. refrigerators, freezers, meat seasoning cabinets, cooling display cases),
  • kitchen appliances (including knives, sharpeners, pots),
  • tableware (porcelain, cutlery, serving dishes),
  • coffee and tea equipment (coffee machine, grinder, kettle).

Among the equipment for gastronomy should also be hygienic articles and products:

  • gastronomic dishwashers,
  • water filters
  • water softeners
  • sterilizers,
  • egg floodlights,
  • fat separators

Clothing of catering staff

The catering staff is obliged to wear special outer clothing, which is designed to protect the body against burns from the prepared food and against dirt. Protective aprons and work trousers or blouses should meet the HACCP standards.

The duties of employees also include covering the hair (e.g. with disposable protective caps) and wearing work shoes with non-slip soles (these may be low shoes, high boots, slip-on shoes, flip-flops). It is also recommended to wear disposable protective gloves during direct contact with food.

This topic is discussed extensively in the article Protective clothing intended for contact with food – what standards must it meet?

Wyposażenie gastronomii a rodzaj prowadzonej działalności

The list of equipment below includes only those items that are strictly tailored to the planned menu and the specificity of the premises.

Pizzeria equipment:

  • pizza accessories,
  • pizza sheets and boards,
  • pasta machines,
  • pizza ovens,
  • cake containers,
  • dough shears.

Equipment of a kebab restaurant:

  • gas kebabs,
  • spiral mixers,
  • kebab knives,
  • gas rotisserie.

Equipment for buffets, catering companies and canteens:

  • kettles,
  • boards,
  • dispensers,
  • jugs,
  • coffee machines,
  • soup cauldrons,
  • baskets,
  • salad spoons,
  • catering furniture,
  • coffee grinders,
  • disposable tableware,
  • serving plates,
  • chocolate warmers,
  • electric heaters,
  • GN containers,
  • cutlery containers,
  • serving utensils,
  • buffet racks,
  • tongs,
  • GN trays, platters, plates,
  • drink boilers,
  • sites,
  • coffee makers.

Bar catering equipment:

  • bartending accessories,
  • blenders,
  • kettles,
  • dispensers,
  • beer dispensers,
  • granitor,
  • icemakers,
  • ice crushers,
  • coffee grinders,
  • openers,
  • chocolate warmers,
  • shakers,
  • water traps,
  • glass brushes,
  • information boards,
  • thermoses, containers, buckets,
  • drink boilers,
  • juicers,
  • coffee makers.

Cafeteria equipment:

  • frappe blenders,
  • sugar dispensers,
  • frothing jugs,
  • coffee machine,
  • measuring spoons and measuring spoons,
  • creamers,
  • espresso grinder,
  • beaters,
  • syrup pumps,
  • add-on tools,
  • espresso tampers,
  • foaming thermometers,
  • timers,
  • weights,
  • water boilers,
  • coffee makers.

Equipment and safety rules in gastronomy

Catering equipment should meet a number of health, safety and legal regulations . These provisions can be found in:

  • Food and Nutrition Safety Act,
  • Ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy on general provisions on health and safety at work,
  • Regulation of the Minister of Health on hygiene and sanitary requirements in plants producing or marketing foodstuffs.

Compliance with the above normative acts is to ensure the safety of employees and clients

Gastronomy equipment - where to buy and on which producers to choose?

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